Dialysis – another day

Here I am sitting another day at “my kidney machine” – how easily one takes life and health for granted.  I have noticed during the past weeks that I urinate less and less, but unfortunately did not realise that I must curb my liquid intake as well.  The result being that I picked up too much weight (only water) and they were not able to extract enough (3kg was too much for me).

Now I am strictly controlling my ” liquid intake” on the days after dialysis – with good results.  I only picked up 1,5% of my dry body weight since my last dialysis and therefore they only need to take  1800 ml of water today – this keeps my bloodpressure up and I feel fine.

Somehow it is harder for me to control my liquid intake, than it was for 4 years to control a low protein dieet, 🙂 but I will be strong and make it.

Today my nephrologist came for a visit and all the patients was given a small bottle of honey from him.. I thought this was a very kind gesture.  Thanks again Dr. G. 🙂

Sitting here watching my neighbours also trying to pass the time, makes the 4 hours also easier for me to try and pass.  One is doing crossword, the other some needlework, one sleeps and one watches TV… the station behind me I cannot see.  As usual the staff are full of jokes and laughter, making the time here pleasant – or really as pleasant as can be 🙂

I received my new dates as my dialyses fall on Christmas and New Year, so therefore I will be here on the 26th and on the 1st of January.

My sister arrives on the 21st December and I look forward to here visit – she will also perform some test for a possible transplant – I am holding thumbs that all will work out postively.

From my side of the world – to my readers and friends… all the best, make the most of your day, your hours and your life!

Rita 🙂

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