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Hi and goodmorning to my readers

Finally I am back home again from hospital.  It was a difficult week, starting on saturday 15th January, when I arrived at the dialysis centre and they found out that my vascular access was blocked – this was done in October.  I had time to quickly go home and get my things for the hospital and was due back for surgery 2 hrs later.  They tried to open the access using local anesthetic, but in vain.  An access was done in my main artery in the neck for the purpose of dialysis for the next day.  Sunday I spent 4 hrs on the machine, but the access did not work very well, as soon as I moved – it stopped and caused the machine to show an error.  Every time that happened, the time was stopped – so dialysis went longer as usual and I was dead tired at the end of all that.

On Monday morning I was once more taken into surgery, this time with full anesthetics to open up the vascular access and check why it was blocked.  All went well, they could open it up again but on Tuesday, I still had to use the access in my neck.  Thursday they used the access in my arm again, and it seemed to work well – I was very relieved to have the tubes removed from my neck .

To prevent thrombosis, I am now on blood thinning medication – which meant they had to do a quick 2x a day to set the right dosage… usually around 10 at night or 5 in the morning… tiresome 🙁

Finally on monday I could go home and was never so happy to see my own bed and my Lisa-dog again.  M

My sister went for her final test to the University Hospital in Zürich – she VERY kindly offered to donate her kidney – how can I ever thank her enough for this kindness?? She will return from Zürich today and if all went well we should have a date for the transplant in the next days.

Her flight back to South Africa leaves on Monday night – and I hope she will be back soon – not just for the sake of the donation – but also to spend a more relaxed time with me than the past 6 weeks.

Whatever you do today, enjoy it, take care of yourself and your loved ones – life is very short.


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