Health Update

Here we are again – a week later – after the Gallbladder inflammation.

I woke up last Monday with pain all over my upper body. On Tuesday before dialysis I was sent for x-rays and MRI – nothing showed. On Wednesday the soreness of my arms and upper body was better but I still had pain over the abdomen, so again on Thursday after showing a fever of 38,3 I was sent for an ultrasonography – it showed acute cholecystitis.  I was treated with antibiotics and still have to take Flagyl 3 x a day.  Happy the pain is gone and hope they will not have to remove the gallbladder.

I found an excellent article on the internet.

Otherwise dialysis is going normal, they do not take too much water – depending on my weight and it varies from 800 g to 1,300 g.  I just feel immensely tired and washed out, but sure it has to do with the extra strain due to the inflammation.

I did some work on my cardmaking hobby again today as the weather was rainy and cool, some of my cards can be viewed at:  Cardmaking and I also put 4 up for sale on facebook.

Wishing all my friends a good start in the new week – enjoy everyday as it comes – the present is the only time we can change.


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  1. Dear friend, Thanks for taking the time to keep us posted. I understand that you need to focus on your healt and keeping your strenght, but also a thought to your friends is a hundred blessings for you. We have you in our prayers.

  2. that’s great news, my lovely friend. i’ve had my gallbladder removed. the pain is very, very intense.
    i’m very happy that you do not have to undergo surgery!
    my love to you and lisa/me

  3. Thanks Sam for taking the time to share – everyone says “no problem – small thing” but nobody tell you how much it hurts 🙂
    enjoy your day. Love me

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