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not again

Already a week again since spending a day in hospital in Lugano.  This week has flown by due to lots of internet work that had to be done and still my regular dialysis on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.  I usually leave home just after 13h00 and if I am lucky, if the the bleeding stops quickly, I get back here just after 19h00.

It is slowly staying light longer – but still dark when I drive home – it is a lovely way along the lake in the daytime, but at night, with rain or fog it can get tricky.

I am back to Marcoumar (blood thinning) but must still inject the Liquemin for another day (36 injections altogether – my legs are blue!!)

My sister Nita went for the last test yesterday and we hope the results are postive, then we can start negotiating about the date of the transplant.  She had quite some pain, as they had to cut both breasts for the biopsy – we expect that it only showed normal calcification.

We are having sunny weather here in Brissago today, but it is still cold as it snowed on the mountains around us yesterday.  I look forward to spring and cannot wait for the first flowers to open.

Apart from the usual tiredness and the dialysis that takes up most of my time.. I am well and happy – and a big thank you to all my friends for being there.



fullmoon over brissago
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