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20 Nov 2016
Post Thumbnail of Let God be true

God’s truth is not determined, however, by taking a vote, or by the opinions of skeptics, or by metaphysical speculation.

8 Nov 2016
Post Thumbnail of Biblical Accuracy

Many who profess to be Christian intellectuals today are arguing that we should defer to the evolutionists in matters of science and history, since the real message of the Bible is spiritual.

21 Oct 2014
Post Thumbnail of Human Race

How Many Races Did God Create? Creation Basics by Dr. Tommy Mitchell on March 13, 2014 Some people think the Bible justifies their racist attitudes. Yet when we examine what the Bible says about the origin of different people groups, we find a different story. It’s easy to see that people come in all shapes […]

7 Nov 2013
Post Thumbnail of Stone Age

by David Catchpoole for further reference please visit: Evolutionary stereotypes of the first humans as primitive “Stone Age” cave men who had not yet evolved agriculture just do not square with the Bible’s account of history. The Bible says that in Adam’s day, people “worked the soil” (Genesis 4:2—following the events of 2:15 and […]

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