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Nature worship in the church? A Mother Goddess in Place of God our Father? Grieved, I thought about the spreading delusion prophesied in 2 Thessalonians 2, when lawlessness would soar and blinded followers of counterfeit wonders would “perish because they refuse to love truth,” when people would reject sound doctrine and follow teachers who tickle their ears (2 Timothy 4:3-4). Could we have reached that time?

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The Ozone Hole

Do you remember Agenda 21 — the action plan for the 1992 United Nations environmental conference in Rio de Janeiro?  Today children around the world can catch the U.N. vision through a picture book titled, Rescue Mission Planet Earth: a children’s edition of Agenda 21. Not only is it written for children;  it is also written by children–“in association with the United Nations.” One of its well-tutored authors, 14-year old Rekha Menon from India, blames the “First World” for introducing destructive luxuries like refrigerators: “fluorocarbons from the fridge make ozone holes we cannot bridge…”[25]

The surrounding text is more specific: “The Ozone layer is an essential protective filter in the upper atmosphere that surround the Earth. As long as human life has existed, it has protected us from the harmful ultraviolet rays coming from the Sun. When these rays get through the atmosphere they damage crops, destroy living cells and cause skin cancer. During the last 20 years, ozone levels above Antarctica have decreased by nearly 40% each springtime. It’s all caused mainly by our use of chlorofluorocarbons (CFC)…. The consequences are catastrophic: about 100,000 people die each year from skin cancer…. ALL CFC-use must be stopped immediately![26] (Emphasis in the original)

What are the FACTS? Actually the ozone “hole” is not a hole at all. It is a seasonal thinning discovered around 1975 by Dr. Gordon Dobson.[27] Each spring, after the long sunless southern winter,  the ozone layer thins over the Antarctica. Conversely, it always expands after the southern summer when ultraviolet radiation once again creates ozone. (The media didn’t tell you that the “hole” closes each year, did it?) The annual thinning varies from year to year. In fact, less ozone was measured in 1985 than in 1990 though more freon was used.[28] Why? Scientific data indicate a strong consistent correlation between ozone depletion and major volcanic explosions and other natural factors.[29]

The huge cost of the ozone hoax will affect nations around the world. “Eight hundred million refrigerators and freezers will have to be replaced worldwide as non-corrosive CFC’s will be replace by highly expensive and corrosive chemicals like HCFC,”  explains Dr. Edward Krug, who has degrees in environmental and soil sciences and is listed in Who’s Who in Science and Engineering. “[This ban will] severely undermine efforts to feed millions in the Third World.”[30]

Dr. Frederick Seitz, past President of the National Academy of Sciences, former Chairman of the Defense Science Board, and recipient of the National Medal of Science shares those concerns. In 1994, he wrote,

“That natural factors may be involved in the variations in the ozone layer is clearly understood by most atmospheric scientists. Unfortunately, this fact was omitted, presumably intentionally, from the summary which accompanied the master report issued by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change [IPCC]…. It was prepared by a special group of participants who apparently had a personal interest in recommending tighter environmental controls…. Moreover, the speed with which the Montreal Protocols are being put into effect is entirely unjustified in view of the enormous price society will pay in cost, convenience, and health….

“To summarize, there is reason, based on sound scientific work, to express doubt that we are in immediate danger from either global warming or depletion of the ozone layer as envisaged by some extreme activists in the environmental movement.”[31]

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