The New Age Movement

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The New Age Movement

Although virtually unknown a few years ago, this movement is gaining in popularity on an international level. On the surface it appears to be a “peace” movement, but in my estimation, it definitely belongs to the occult. This is because it presents some basic characteristics that are identified with the occult, even though Satan is not mentioned.

For example, the “god” of the New Age is not the God of Christianity and Judaism. The New Age god is more like an impersonal energy or force of which the whole universe consists. This is a form of pantheism. For us God is Creator and Lord of all. We are his creatures. In the New Age, Jesus becomes one of the many spiritual masters who discovered his higher self. It is believed that in the New Age we can also be enlightened, and this through our own efforts not through revelation and the grace of God.

The New Age Movement is sometimes called a peace movement. Somehow, it is said, that when we become a part of this “Harmonic Convergence” we can bring to bear a mighty power that is beyond ourselves for achieving world peace. But when we talk about any power that is not from God, and beyond ourselves we are really talking about the occult.

Do not be deceived by the talk about ecology, the beauty of nature in the world, and the fundamental goodness of the apparent goals of this movement. Those who join the New Age Movement are entering a movement dealing with occult spiritual power. It is not a spiritual power that comes from God, but from the Kingdom of False Light and Darkness.


  • Families pay a high price for enjoying evil.
  • It clouds discernment of right from wrong. The biblical attitudes of trust, obedience, and surrender clash with a world where self reigns and values have turned upside down. Again and again television presents an ominous reversal: Good is bad, and bad is good. In the Gospel message, confessing sin brings cleansing and the Cross sets us free. Yet New Agers reject sin and the Cross as unfit for a new, “progressive” world system.

Oprah Winfrey illustrated this game of opposites in February 1988 when she hosted an unlikely pair: Dr. Aquino, a high priest in the satanic temple of Seth, and Johanna Michaelson who wrote The Beautiful Side of Evil About halfway through the program, Oprah turned to Johanna, saying, “Dr. Aquino has told us that the satanism he represents is good, not evil. Is that possible?”

“Well it is,” answered Johanna, “if you come from a frame of mind where left is right, bad is good, black is white, in is out, and upside down is right side up – which is the basic approach of satanism. Everything is backwards. So to him, satanism is good and everything else is bad. That’s his perspective. However, he is wrong!”

God warns us about this kind of manipulative make-believe:

  • “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness, who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes and clever in their own sight!”  (Isaiah 5:20-21
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    For most of us in the New Age, meditation was an integral part of daily life. Because it was so relaxing and felt so good we had no idea that our meditations were opening us up to great deception. Looking back on it now, meditation was the major pipeline through which deceptive spirits impressed upon us their New Age thoughts and teachings. The spiritual “high” that often accompanied our meditations and contemplations seemed to corroborate our emerging New Age belief that we were all “one” because God was “in” everyone and everything. In fact, in my very first meditation I experienced a “mysterious sense of oneness” that I perceived to be my “divine connection” to that oneness.3 One of the daily lessons I contemplated from A Course in Miracles was “Let me remember I am one with God.”4

    Ironically, New Age meditation and what is called biblical meditation or contemplative prayer are often the very same practice. One of the clever ploys of our spiritual Adversary has been to repackage eastern mystical New Age meditation as “Christian” meditation and contemplation. In his powerful book Death of a Guru: A Hindu Comes to Christ, former Hindu Rabindranath R. Maharaj describes how even seemingly benign and relaxing forms of meditation and contemplation can be used by the spirit world to provide an experience of cosmic oneness:

    “Though popularized in the West under many names, the aim of all Eastern meditation is to “realize” one’s essential union with the Universe. It is the doorway to the “nothingness” called nirvana. Generally sold as a “relaxation” technique, meditation really aims at and ultimately leads to the surrender of oneself to mystical cosmic forces.5

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