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This fast growing cult is considered a “new age”, UFO cult.  It is based on a book called the “Urantia” book. The word “Urantia” is allegedly an ancient name for the Earth.   This cult is also known as the “Urantia Society”, “Urantia Foundation”, “Urantia Fellowship”  and the “Urantia Brotherhood”.  Like other cults that claim extra-Biblical revelations, it is claimed that the Urantia book compliments the Bible, and that Christians should not be wary of it.  But in reality, the Urantia book is in direct conflict with the Bible on many important doctrines, including the most important one which is the issue of salvation from eternal damnation in Hell through faith in Jesus Christ.

The false “Jesus” of the Urantia book

One thing all cults get wrong is who Jesus is, and what his his role or purpose is in our salvation.  The Urantia book is no exception.  The Jesus of the Urantia book is not the same Jesus of the Bible.  In fact they are polar opposites.  If Satan can simply get us to believe in a false, repackaged Jesus, he can effectively lure us away from being saved through faith in the real Jesus of the Bible.  Some of the links in the Critical examination of the Urantia book section below explain in more detail who the Jesus of the Urantia book is, and why following that false Jesus will lead you into an eternity of damnation in Hell.  These next two links will go into details about how to tell a counterfeit Jesus from the real one:

How to Test the Spirits (see section II.A titled, How Do They View the Son of God?)

The other Jesus of Cults (RealAudio files – Tape #5 of a 12-part tape series titled Identifying and Dealing with Cults)

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