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A Contact Form allows people to input their contact info and any questions they may have about your business.

After pressing the Submit button, their question is immediately sent to your mailbox.

ProfitsDesk will improve your business in several ways:

  • Dramatically increases the chance of support emails actually arriving in your mailbox, instead of being blocked by spam filters.
  • Keeps your mailbox clean by protecting your email address from being added to spam lists by email harvesting bots.
  • Makes a professional impression and shows both existing and potential customers that you care about offering quality support.

Easy to use

Getting a Contact Form for your business can’t get any easier.
  • Nothing to install – No webspace needed

    Forget about trying to install complicated scripts. ProfitsDesk runs on its own server, so you don’t even need your own webspace. Just sign up and activate your ContactForm.

  • One Contact Form for all your needs

    You don’t need a different Contact Form for each of your offers. ProfitsDesk uses some clever tricks to use it for ALL your online opportunities.

  • Customize it to suit your taste

    From within your members area, you can easily customize your Contact Form with your own header graphic, logo or color scheme. You can also enable the optional Live Support feature, or add your own ads.

  • Always up-to-date

    No need to worry about keeping your Contact Form updated. ProfitsDesk is constantly updated for optimal security and performance.

Get your FREE Online Contact Form
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