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Horse therapy for disabled children

Education councillor Pepa Perles has confirmed that the horse therapy project taking place at the club Hipico Altea and Garganes school will start again in January.

Sra Perles explained that the council was initially unable to provide a physiotherapist for the centre, but following petitions to the regional authorities, a new physiotherapist started November 12.

Social welfare councillor, Gemma Córcoles explained that 26 children from various areas including Altea, Alfaz del Pi, La Nucia and Callosa will take part in the programme.

She said:  “It will treat pupils from Garganes School, which is already helping disabled children”.

Club Hipico Altea’s director, Alberton Llorens has revealed that the programme will help children with disabilities that include Down’s syndrome, multiple sclerosis, anorexia and bulimia.

It’s a Dog’s Life

Nearly 3,000 dogs from the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Poland and Sweden have been registered to participate this weekend in Torre Pacheco’s International dog exhibition at IFEPA exhibition hall.

It is open on Saturday from 10h30 – 20h30 and Sunday from 09h00 – 19h00

Tickets cost €6.00

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Deals on Wheels


Government expands Plan Vive car-buying assistance to used vehicles

By Oliver McIntyre

606_for_sale_cars.jpgAnyone thinking of trading in their old clunker for a newer set of wheels – but perhaps balking at the price of a brand-new vehicle – got good news from the Spanish government last week.

The cabinet approved modifications to the months-old Plan Vive scheme that provides financial assistance to people buying a car and junking an old one. One of the most significant changes is that the plan will now apply to the purchase of used cars as long as they are less than five years old.

The changes are aimed at expanding the number of people who can benefit from the programme, which in the first 100 days since its launch has proved less effective than officials had hoped, said the deputy prime minister, María Teresa Fernández de la Vega. Plan Vive (Vehículo Inovador-Vehículo Nuevo) was envisioned as a means to put newer, lower-polluting vehicles on the road and boost new car sales, but has had little effect in the face of the economic downturn.

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Thought for the day

Thought for the day:

“Es un error vivir el presente como si sólo fuera el prefacio de la bella novela de porvenir. El presente se ha de usar y gozar.” Noel Clarasó

“Es ist ein Fehler die Gegenwart zu leben, als wäre sie das Vorwort zu einem schönen Roman der Zukunft. Die Gegenwart muss genutzt und genossen werden.”

Noel Clarasó, spanisher autor (1905-1985)

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